I am looking for ways to reduce what I carry around for work. Currently I haul around: 

  • MBP 13″ + charger and connectors
  • Journal and lots of pens/styluses
  • Notebook
  • Battery for charging mobile + cables
  • Business cards
  • Pain killers and allergy medicine
  • USB pens
  • Small first-aid kit

So what do I really need to carry around. It seems my bag is getting heavier by the day. Maybe it is time for getting a smaller bag.

For daily use in the office & meetings I need: 

  • Computer & charger & connectors (network, dvi vga?)
  • Journal, Pens and styluses
  • Business cards (Not all…)
  • Power bank for charging mobile. (Maybe a smaller one?)  + cables
  • Pain killers and allergy medicine
  • Notebook
  • Room for some papers
  • Bags for organizing

For day travels I need in addition to this: 

  • Bose QC for flights
  • Shoe brush
  • Travel documents
  • Passport? 
  • Books / Kindle
  • iPad + charger cable? 
  • Photo camera

Decided to try out: GuardIT Bailhandle 33.8cm/13.3inch Black for the daily haul.