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DayOne and MultiMarkdown | Hans' Place

I am using DayOne to make journal enries now and then. Started to look if I could automatically create DayOne entries, because I am considering adding weather prognosis and information from web pages automatically.
It is probably not possible to create entries from the command line in windows, due to the fact that I store the data on iCloud. Alternatively I could use Dropbox for syncing the entries. DayOne released a support document for Syncing with Dropbox.

There is a command line tool, jrnl, which seems to be installable on Windows. It also supports multiple journals, so I can have a separate journal for work.  DayOne currently does not support more than one journal. Adding more journals is planned for a future update.

Looking at the files in the journal.dayone folder:

  • it seems that all filenames are unique
    • The unique id can be found inside the file as well, in the ‘UUID’ key.
  • file extension for the entries are .doentry
  • stored in the mac property list XML fileformat .plist.
    • Python library for handle .plist files: plistlib

The journal entry is stored with in the .doentry file in the ‘Entry Text’ key. The format is in the Markdown format, as described in their Markdown Guide. Are they supporting the MultiMarkdown syntax? They have footnotes in their syntax… Seems so from version 1.9 of the IOS app.

Should I use MultiMarkdown as a basis for all documentation I do? There are converters to: HTML/XHTML, LaTeX (->PDF), OpenDocument, OPML (MindManager, iThoughtsHD on IOS, …).

Applications Supporting for MarkDown:

  • MarkdownPad Windows Markdown editor. Export to html (css support) and pdf.

Is Pandoc better than MultiMarkdown? Why I switched from MultiMarkdown to Pandoc.

Pandoc is a universal document converter, converting from one markup format into another. It is your swiss-army knife…? Installed it, so now I just need to test it. Seems to work fine! 🙂